Athletes Bulletin Board

Searching for a partner or team?   NVSO does not partner players,  but players can submit posts for this bulletin board at  We will post your contact information below so that players can contact each other.

Partner names will be requested when registering for Doubles and Mixed Doubles events.  

E.g. of post: Pickleball: 75 year old female seeks FEMALE partner for doubles and MALE partner for mixed doubles.  Please contact Jane at (703) 123-4567 or email

Beach ball Wallyball:  Beach Ball Wallyball League seeks active seniors 50-85+ to join coed teams playing every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11 at Providence Rec Center.  No experience necessary but must be in good enough health to maintain your balance and move to the ball.  Laughter is the main ingredient of our games!  Just drop in to join us. Also can register as a single person to be put on a Beach Ball Wallyball Team for the Senior Olympics.  For more information, call Sally Unger at 703 242 2272 or email at

Beach ball Wallyball: 80 yr old Female seeks a team. Please contact Beverly at, 703-830-2899

Canasta: 70 yr old Female seeks partner. Please contact Sally at, 703-354-1745

Canasta: 75 yr old Female seeks partner. Please contact Marianne at, 703-772-9802

Cornhole Toss: 72 yr old female seeks Female Doubles partner and Male Mixed Doubles Partner.  Pleae contact Beth at, 703-379-0827.

Cornhole Toss:  75 year old male seeks a male partner for doubles.  Please contact Gerry at

Pickleball: 81 yr old Female seeks Female Doubles partner.  Please contact Patricia at, 703-855-2628.

Pickleball: 81 year-old male seeks MALE partner for doubles and FEMALE partner for mixed doubles. Please contact Bill at

Pickleball: 84 yr old Male seeks Female Partner for Mixed Doubles.  Please contact Horace at, 703-888-1177.

Pickleball: 72 yr old Male seeks Male Doubles partner and Female Mixed Doubles partner.  Please contact  Joe at

Pickleball: 73 yr old Male seeks Female Mixed Doubles Partner.  Please contact Bob at

Pickleball: 68 year old Male seeks Female Mixed Doubles partner, intermediate level.  Please contact Walter at 703-859-1703 or

Pickleball: 59 yr old Male seeks Male Doubles partner and Female Mixed Doubles partner.  Please contact Brian at, 202-246-9047.

Pickleball: 58 yr. old female looking for pickleball partner for women’s double and mixed double. Please email Karen Donais at