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Woman and man playing with yo-yos.
Photograph by Angie Talaber





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Results and Records

Results of the NVSO 2022 yo-yo event.


Photographs of the NVSO 2022 yo-yo event taken by Angie Talaber.


General Rules
Please go here for rules covering all events.

Yo-Yo Rules
Competition will be in separate divisions for Men and Women in 20-year age groups (50-69, 70-89, 90+). The event will be governed by the American Yo-Yo Association (AYYA, 2002 Tricks and Rules).  Yo-yos will be available or players may use their own.

A) General´╗┐   

  • All tricks performed on first attempt receive 5 points. A successful second attempt, if necessary, receives 3 points.
  • The yo-yo must be caught with one hand and not trapped against the body.
  • If more than five inches of string remains outside the yo-yo when caught, it is considered a miss.
  • Any throw made while in the trick circle (or box) counts as a try.
  • Only the following tricks may be done while the contestant is on deck (on stage but outside the trick ring) Throw-Down, Spinner, Forward pass, a Single Loop the Loop, or string adjustments. Practicing a contest trick outside the circle or box once the contest starts shall count as a miss.
  • Loop the Loops must be done with feet fixed in one position within the trick circle or box.
  • The judge(s) decision is final and not subject to appeal.   

B) Divisions 

Beginner Division

  • Gravity Pull (dropped from hand in a palm down position)
  • Throw-Down (thrown down from a palm up position)
  • Forward Pass (palm up catch)
  • One Outside Loop
  • One Hop the Fence

Tiebreaker Sudden Death Style:
Dribble contest. All tied contestants dribble, while the judge instructs them to do something else with their other hand, while keeping the dribble going with the yo-yo hand. For example: pat your head, rub your belly, hop on one foot, etc.

Novice Division

  • Sleeper (spin of at least 5 seconds)
  • Forward Pass
  • Over the Falls
  • Breakaway
  • Walk the Dog (minimum of 6 inches)
  • Rock the Baby (1 full rock, back and forth)
  • Around the World
  • Inside Loop the Loop (5 repetitions)

Tiebreaker Sudden Death Style:
Man on the Trapeze (flip-overs allowed) Loop off. 

Advanced Division

  • Walk the Dog (12 inches or more)
  • Around the Corner (pluck string with yo-yo hand)
  • Reach for the Moon (2 repetitions)
  • Three Leaf Clovers
  • Hop the Fence (10 repetitions)
  • Tidal Wave (Skin the Cat)
  • Brain Twister with 1 somersault
  • Fling Saucer (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Man on the Trapeze (flip-overs allowed)
  • Inside Loop the Loop (15 repetitions)

Tiebreaker Sudden Death Style:
Man on the Trapeze with 1 somersault (no Flip-overs) Loop off.