Woman and man playing with yo-yos.
Photograph by Angie Talaber


This event occurred on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.


Westminster at Lake Ridge
12191 Clipper Drive
Lake Ridge, VA 22192

Event Director

Dick Stohr

Results and Records

Results of the NVSO 2022 yo-yo event.


Photographs of the NVSO 2022 yo-yo event taken by Angie Talaber.


General Rules
Please go here for rules covering all events.

Yo-Yo Rules
Competition will be in separate divisions for Men and Women in 20-year age groups (50-69, 70-89, 90+). The event will be governed by the American Yo-Yo Association (AYYA, 2002 Tricks and Rules).  Yo-yos will be available or players may use their own.

A) General´╗┐   

  • All tricks performed on first attempt receive 5 points. A successful second attempt, if necessary, receives 3 points.
  • The yo-yo must be caught with one hand and not trapped against the body.
  • If more than five inches of string remains outside the yo-yo when caught, it is considered a miss.
  • Any throw made while in the trick circle (or box) counts as a try.
  • Only the following tricks may be done while the contestant is on deck (on stage but outside the trick ring) Throw-Down, Spinner, Forward pass, a Single Loop the Loop, or string adjustments. Practicing a contest trick outside the circle or box once the contest starts shall count as a miss.
  • Loop the Loops must be done with feet fixed in one position within the trick circle or box.
  • The judge(s) decision is final and not subject to appeal.   

B) Divisions 

Beginner Division

  • Gravity Pull (dropped from hand in a palm down position)
  • Throw-Down (thrown down from a palm up position)
  • Forward Pass (palm up catch)
  • One Outside Loop
  • One Hop the Fence

Tiebreaker Sudden Death Style:
Dribble contest. All tied contestants dribble, while the judge instructs them to do something else with their other hand, while keeping the dribble going with the yo-yo hand. For example: pat your head, rub your belly, hop on one foot, etc.

Novice Division

  • Sleeper (spin of at least 5 seconds)
  • Forward Pass
  • Over the Falls
  • Breakaway
  • Walk the Dog (minimum of 6 inches)
  • Rock the Baby (1 full rock, back and forth)
  • Around the World
  • Inside Loop the Loop (5 repetitions)

Tiebreaker Sudden Death Style:
Man on the Trapeze (flip-overs allowed) Loop off. 

Advanced Division

  • Walk the Dog (12 inches or more)
  • Around the Corner (pluck string with yo-yo hand)
  • Reach for the Moon (2 repetitions)
  • Three Leaf Clovers
  • Hop the Fence (10 repetitions)
  • Tidal Wave (Skin the Cat)
  • Brain Twister with 1 somersault
  • Fling Saucer (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Man on the Trapeze (flip-overs allowed)
  • Inside Loop the Loop (15 repetitions)

Tiebreaker Sudden Death Style:
Man on the Trapeze with 1 somersault (no Flip-overs) Loop off.