Woman power walking.
Photo by Edward Marion.

When - Completed

was held Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 4:30pm.


Falls Church High School
7521 Jaguar Trail
Falls Church, VA 22042

Event Director

Keg Good
Contact Keg by email.


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Results and Records

Results and Records of the NVSO 2023 3-mile power walk event.


Photographs of the NVSO 2023 3-mile power walk event are by Edward Marion.


General Rules
Please go here for rules covering all events.

3 Mile Power Walk Outdoors

  1. Participants will walk twelve times around the track(12 laps). One heat with the right to split into separate heats if needed. If there is a split, we will send out an email in advance to all registrants.
  2. Modified Rules from the U.S. Power Walking Association.
  3. Just like Race Walking, Power Walking is a monitored event in which an athlete can be disqualified. Power Walking, while very similar to Race Walking, does not have the same technical requirements.
  4. One foot must be on the ground at all times. Loss of contact with the ground may result in a red card issued by a course monitor. Continued violation can result in disqualification.
  5. Running or jogging mode is forbidden. Continued violation can result in disqualification.
    a) Each advancing foot-strike must be heel-to-toe at all times. Striking with the toe or ball of the advancing foot is considered running. Likewise, creeping, where the advancing leg is stretched forward beyond a normal walk form, and the knee is bent into a running form can result in disqualification.
    b) A slightly bent knee is the accepted form; however, a bent knee in a running or jogging form may result in a red card issued by a course monitor.
    c) The advancing leg as it moves forward, and when the heel strikes the ground, does not have to be completely locked as it passes under the body, as it does in Race Walking. A soft knee is acceptable; however, an overly-excessive bent knee that is deemed to be in a creeping or running shuffle is not acceptable.
  6. Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in disqualification.
  7. Red cards are not required to be shown. Verbal warnings or the showing of paddles to the athlete is encouraged.
  8. Competitors should have bare knees or form fitting pants/leggings.