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Article: Silver and gold: Registration for NoVA Senior Olympics opens for 2019 by Jennifer Zeleski (dated June 14, 2019 in the Northern Virginia Magazine)


Andy Leighton, Cheryl Beversdorf, and Rob Paine at taping of Aging Matters.
Pictured from left are Andy Leighton, longtime NVSO competitor, Cheryl Beversdorf, Volunteer Radio/Television Producer and Host of the show AGING MATTERS and Rob Paine.

Aging Matters on WERA in Arlington, VA (aired June 11, 2019): Listen to the program now.

Conversation with Rob Paine, NVSO board member and RSVP-Northern Virginia staff member, and Andy Leighton, NVSO Competitor, about 2019 NVSO events, participant eligibility/registration information, volunteer opportunities, and competitor experiences.


News Release: “Registration for 2019 NVSO starts June 17. Games to be held Sept. 14-28.


Rob Paine, Ken Kozloff, and Jim Person.
Pictured from left, NVSO board member and RSVP-Northern Virginia staff member Rob Paine, RSVP and NVSO volunteer Ken Kozloff, and Fairfax 50+ podcast host Jim Person.

Fairfax 50+ podcast (taped on May 22, 2019): Listen to the podcast now.

Conversation featuring the upcoming NVSO (September 14-18, 2019) and RSVP with Rob Paine, Ken Kozloff, and host Jim Person.