Registration and t-shirt purchases have closed for NVSO 2023.

T-shirt Distribution

NVSO 2023 front design.
Design for the front of the 2023 NVSO t-shirt. The t-shirts are blue with green writing and images.

Uniquely designed 2023 NVSO t-shirts were only available for purchase during event registration which has closed. Since the final t-shirt distribution was to be at the cycling events, which have been cancelled, we will have further information soon.


Registration for additional event(s) after you are registered.

Requests made to Event Directors at a venue, to enroll and participate in additional events that you did not check off when you previously registered online, will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with a decision left to the discretion of the Event Director.



Participation in the 2023 NVSO was $20.
Athletes may enter as many events as they like, as long as the events do not overlap in time, except for field events.

These events had an additional fee:

  • Bowling - Ten Pin: $12 includes 3 games.
  • Cycling: $10. Partially covers the cost of traffic control and electronic timing.
  • Golf 9-hole, 3 par:
    $12 if paid in advance with a credit card when scheduling tee time (call 703-255-5390), OR $14.30 if paying with a credit card on golf day.
    Optional $2 for bucket of balls for driving range and putting green, $13 for ½ cart
  • Orienteering: $10 includes maps, epunches and compass rental.



Please see the NVSO page on policies for information on Americans with Disabilities Act, medals, cancellation of events, and refunds.