• Diving
  • Dominoes - Mexican Train
  • Croquet
  • Basketball Free Throw Shooting
  • Discus
  • Cribbage

We have assembled a wide variety of activities for participants in 2023. They range from recreational physical activities to competitive athletics to non-physical games.

Cancellation Policy

If an event is not held on the originally scheduled date because of: a) insufficient enrollment or b) the NVSO or the venue management determines that the venue is not available for the event on that day (e.g., because of inclement weather or health concerns), the event may be rescheduled or cancelled. 

Participants will be notified (by email and on the NVSO website) at least the day before the event was scheduled, and alerted if rescheduling is or is not possible.

If rescheduling is possible, a makeup date will be indicated in the events’ schedule. 

If the event cannot be held on the makeup date, the event will be cancelled.  Events that cannot be held on the day they were scheduled and that cannot be rescheduled, will be cancelled.

Refund Policy

A refund may be requested: a) for medical reasons, or b) if an event is cancelled and that event is the only event a participant has registered for. However, if that sole event is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of NVSO (e.g., because of inclement weather), no refund will be made. 

A request for refund for medical reasons must be submitted prior to the end of registration period.

Requests for a refund should be sent to nvso1982@gmail.com.  

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Northern Virginia Senior Olympics complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act for qualified individuals. To make an ADA accommodation request, please call 703-746-5422, Virginia Relay 711.