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Man shooting basketball.
Photo by George Addison

This event was held on Saturday, September 21.

Results and Records

See the results of the NVSO 2019 basketball field goals events.


General Rules
Please go here for rules covering all events.

Basketball Field Goal Rules
Competition will be separate for Men and Women within 10-year age groups (50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100+). NVSO will provide the basketballs.

A) General

  1. Practice shots will not be permitted once competition begins.
  2. Four shots are taken from each of five locations on the court, totaling 20 shots.
  3. If any part of the foot is over the line, the shot counts as a missed shot.
  4. Each successful shot counts for one point. Most successful shots will determine the winner.
  5. In case of ties, the ties will be broken by each player attempting a free throw. If a tie remains after each has taken three free throws, both participants receive medals. If a tie is for gold, third place will receive the bronze medal.

B) Layout and Playing Sequence

  1. There will be five 2-foot lengths of masking tape at five locations:
    a) Two in each corner left and right, 12 feet from the basket for men and 10 feet from the basket for women; 
    b) Two on the wings at 45 degrees and 15 feet from the basket for men and 13 feet from the basket for women;
    c) One at the top of the key for men and 2 feet closer to the basket for women.
  2. Player starts in a corner of his/her choice and proceeds either clockwise or counter clockwise, taking four shots from each location.