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Letter from the NVSO 2023 Chairman, Herb Levitan, and the NVSO 2023 Volunteer Coordinator, Miriam Witherspoon:

"Dear 2023 Northern Virginia Senior Olympics volunteers,

On behalf of the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics (NVSO), I want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for your participation and contributions to this year’s NVSO events. You played a key role in the over 250 people of all ages who volunteered this year.

For some of you, this was your first year volunteering, and we hope to see you again next year. For others, you have volunteered for many years, and we appreciate your continued dedication. For all of you, your efforts helped make the 2023 games a remarkable success, and we are forever grateful for your support. As our participants persevered through the various events, you were there on the sidelines providing that encouraging morale. You helped in so many ways that I can’t mention them all but know that you really made a difference.

The results of the games, along with photographs, are now available. Start on the Events page and select an individual event. On that event's page, scroll to the "Results and Records" section, and under the "Photographs" section click on the link to the gallery. Take a look and see all of the amazing achievements that the 2023 participants were able to accomplish with your support!

As we begin to look forward to the 2024 NVSO, we hope that you will again volunteer with us. And, feel free to sign up as participants too! We plan to reach out in the summer of 2024 to those that we have contact information for the 2024 NVSO so that you can mark your calendars and hold those dates. Also, share your experiences with family and friends and encourage them to join you too.

NVSO’s mission statement is Living Healthy Longer: The Northern Virginia Senior Olympics (NVSO) promotes health, fitness and psychological well-being for senior adults by providing opportunities for participation, competition, self-improvement and fellowship through various athletic and recreational events.  Because of you, your time and dedication, NVSO is able to carry out its mission. Your contributions are invaluable to the success of the games, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. THANK YOU!!!

Herb Levitan, Chairman, NVSO
Miriam Witherspoon, Volunteer Coordinator, NVSO"

Thank you for volunteering! NVSO participants would not enjoy their experience as much without your support and encouragement.