Man throwing horseshoe.
Photo by Ron Staley

When - Completed

was held Thursday, September 21, 2023 at noon.


Fairfax City Senior Center, Green Acres
4401 Sideburn Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Event Directors

Janet Garber and Anne Chase
Contact Janet by email OR Anne by email.


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Results and Records


Photographs of the NVSO 2023 horseshoes event taken by Lynn Cline and Dan Feighery.


General Rules
Please go here for rules covering all events.

Horseshoes Rules
Competition shall be in 10-year age groups (50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100+) with Men's and Women’s divisions as shown below. The Event Host will supply the horseshoes.

A) General Rules

  • All games are single elimination.
  • A game will be played to 21 points for men and women age 50-69 or the high scoreafter 40 shoes have been thrown (20 shoes per person), whichever occurs first. For men and women age 70+, games will be played to 21 points or the high score after 30 shoes have been thrown (15 shoes per person), whichever occurs first.
  • A game is played by frames consisting of a total of four shoes, two pitched by each player to a stake. 

B) Scoring

  • All points count. A Ringer is 3 points. A Leaner is 2 points. Any shoe within 6 inches of the stake (as measured with a caliper or straight edge) score 1 point. No contestant shall move his own or the opponent’s shoes until the winner of points has agreed upon by the contestants or a decision rendered by the referee or the Event Director.
  • Men 50-69 pitch from a distance of 40 feet.
  • Men 70+ pitch a minimum of 30 feet.
  • Women 50- 69+ pitch from a distance of 30 feet.
  • Women ages 70+ pitch from a distance of 20 feet. 

C) Additional Information

  • A foul line shall be clearly defined 3 feet in front of each stake.
  • Flip a shoe to determine who pitches first. Thereafter, the person making the most points pitches first. In case of a tie, the last pitcher shall pitch first.
  • After pitching, step behind your opponent and do not make remarks or movement that might interfere with opponent’s pitching.
  • A legal shoe must land inside the box. Any shoe that hits the edge, backboard or outside and bounces into the box is a foul shoe and shall be removed.
  • In case of a tie, participants will throw 5 shoes and score combined with game score.